Assalamu Alaikum! Today we will learn about #Best Way To Get 5000 likes on Facebook Page. I hope everyone is well. Many people open Facebook pages to bring celebrity feeling in themselves. But many times, even if you invite, you can’t get likes on the page. So many people are frustrated after how to like the page. Today I will discuss how to open a new Facebook page and get 5,000 likes. When you invite a lot of likes on the page, many people give interest and the ranking is good. Let’s move on to the main topic.

#Best Way To get 5000 likes on Facebook page

For this, some of your conditions apply. First, you need to have 5,000 friends in your Facebook account. Even if it is less, you can take as many likes as you have friends. According to the rules of Facebook, up to 5,000 people can be made friends. Secondly, you have to make your account public. 3rd If you have followers in your account, it will also be added, for example: If you have 5,000 friends and 2,000 followers, then your page will have 5,000 likes and page followers will have 5,000 + 2,000 = 6,000. The 4th condition is that the page will be created in the name of your Facebook account and will remain unpublished. After seven days you can change the name of the page if you want and you can make the page public. Let’s move on to the main topic. Best way to get 5000 likes on Facebook page

#Best Way To Get 5000 likes on Facebook Page

Click here first. Before that, if you want to do the job with a mobile phone, then take the browser Desktop mode. Now login to your Facebook account. If you are already logged in, it will take you to the desired web page. Below the Do more will page you will see the name and profile picture of your Facebook account. Click the Get start button on his right site. Then select a category for your page. For example: Video Creator Now select All friend and followers then click on next. Now if you want to add a photo or video page of your Facebook account, there is no problem even if you do not select it. Finally click on the Create button. Within 24 hours of creating your page, there will be 5,000 likes on your new page. Best way to get 5000 likes on Facebook page

There are some things to keep in mind that you can create a page from a Facebook account.
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