The COVID-19 pandemic that the world is currently facing has left a lot of people with a huge amount of free time. Not only has this pandemic highlighted the importance of spending time with the people you love but it has also given breadwinners a reason to search for work that allows them to get paid while they work from home. As the pandemic progressed, online jobs have increased and a lot of online shops have opened.

All this change leads to online solutions and for anything to be online, there is one big requirement: a website. The same way that a house needs a caretaker to stand strong over the years, websites need web hosting to stay fully functional at all times. In this article, we will be exploring one of the most prominent web hosting service providers called BlueHost.

BlueHost is a web hosting provider that is at the forefront of web hosting services. They have been regarded as one of the world’s largest providers of reliable web hosting. As one of the big names in the web hosting industry together with WPX and SiteGround, BlueHost promises to create a better and safer web for everyone by investing in open source projects, promoting web civility, and ensuring that they’re able to provide quality service to people of all ages – the young, the old, and to all those in between.

All of their plans and packages consist of unmetered bandwidths and free SSL Certificates with their basicplan including a limited SSD storage and a free domain but customers can opt for a number of unlimited options just by adding a few more dollars.

BlueHost is the perfect option for anyone looking for quality web hosting that provides a perfect balance between value and performance. By being one of the only three hosting companies recommended by WordPress and providing their service to more than 2 million websites, BlueHost has established themselves as one of the best web hosting providers on the market.

What is BlueHost?

It is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group that offers a range of products and services – from shared hosting and WordPress hosting to a variety of website building tools – to help small and budding websites grow. They also provide tools like SSH Access, FTP, and a fully customized Linux kernel for more advanced developers. Their hosting services consist of shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and dedicated hosting.

They provide all these quality tools and services at unbelievably low prices, with one of their cheapest plans being only at $3.95 per month. BlueHost has become known because of their WordPress expertise and various “one-stop-shop” services which makes their tools and services much easier to access. BlueHost is the right place to go to for anyone looking for low-budget web hosting solutions.

Hosting Services

Website Hosting is one of the two most important requirements to start a website. Through website hosting, organizations and individuals are able to create websites that stay and thrive on the internet.

Website Hosting companies such as BlueHost provides the storage for data from these websites through hosting. The websites are stored in servers which are also maintained by the same companies so that organizations and individuals can continuously share their websites with the people of the internet. Through BlueHost’s Hosting Service Plans, customers not only avail of servers but a bunch of extra services as well such as additional security measures.

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hostingis simply a web hosting that is provided on a shared server. On the other hand, a Shared WordPress Hosting is a shared hosting that mainly uses WordPress as its website builder. WordPress is one of the best website builders due to its simplicity and various web developing tools with tons of themes and plug-ins. It is also SEO-friendly which makes it one of the best options when creating a website.

Shared WordPress Hosting has three monthly plans with $3.95 for its basic plan. From the get-go, BlueHost already offers something that other competitors don’t – a pocket-friendly price. All of the plans give customers $200 Marketing Credit which helps boost a website through advertising such as ads on Yahoo, Google, or Bing. This is extremely helpful for websites to gain attention most especially beginner websites.

Basic Plan. The Basic plan has all the BlueHost privileges with a free 50GB SSD Storage which already makes it better than other web hosting services. SSD storage also means that files will load faster which means navigation will be smoother and website visitors will be happier. It also has the standard free domain offered by most website hosting providers.

Plus Plan. The Plus plan offers everything that a basic plan does but just a little bit more for just a few additional dollars. It gives a variety of unlimited options for the number of websites, SSD storage size, and the number of domains. It has enough tools that will be able to help online businesses start. Additionally, they give a free Office 365 Mailbox, which provides the customer with a good email platform for their website, for one month. For the price of $4.95 per month, people can avail of the Plus plan.

Choice Plus Plan. The Choice Plus plan is the most recommended plan of the four and it offers a site backup, which protects all website data against viruses and hackers. All of this comes with a price of $6.95.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

This hosting service is still a shared server using WordPress but it provides better performance for the website. It has three plans with different benefits, depending on how much the customer wants to improve their website. The plans available for this hosting service, from the cheapest to most expensive, are Build, Grow, and Scale, respectively.

The better plans include the benefits of those immediately before it. For example, all benefits from the Build plan are included in the Grow package. Buying the most expensive package, the Scale package, allows the customer to gain the benefits of all the packages.

Build. The Build plan focuses on helping the customer further establish their website and make it even better. for $19.95 a month. It contains 100+ additional WordPress themes to add to the aesthetic of the website. It also equips the customer with a Marketing Center, which helps monitor the website’s performance through its social media presence and blog traffic. It also offers data protection to prevent the loss of any data through Scheduled Backups and Malware Protection. Lastly, it gives Domain Privacy to ensure that the website is not affected by other websites.

Grow. Grow allows a website to, as it says, grow in aspects it lacks in and perform even better. It focuses on attracting more people to the website and building an audience. The Grow plan contains Jetpack Premium, which is a plugin for WordPress. Jetpack adds more themes, traffic, and security for the website. It helps increase traffic to give the website more presence through automatic sharing, related content, and fast loading times. It also adds a feature unique to BlueHost which is the Business Review Tool that would allow visitors to leave a review of the site to help iron out unnoticed errors and make the website more optimized. All of this can be done for $29.95 per month.

Scale. Scale opens a venue for online businesses to venture out into e-commerce thru PayPal integration. It has Unlimited Video Compressions to provide the website with more content and Elastic Search for a larger audience to view these content. The Scale plan provides all of the Managed WordPress Hosting upgrades for a price of $49.95 per month.

3. Online Stores Powered by WooCommerce

WooCommerce, an open-source plugin for WordPress, is designed for different business owners and online merchants. It is a very powerful tool for eCommerce which can help transform websites turn into powerful online stores. Unlike other big names in eCommerce like Shopify, WooCommerce is open-source and free for anyone to use. WooCommerce is unable to provide other services such as domain and hosting though.

This is where BlueHost comes into play. It has three plans, the Starter, Plus, and Pro Plans. The same with the previous hosting services, it is still relatively cheaper in BlueHost compared to other competitors. BlueHost also makes it easier for beginners to set-up shop especially those who lack the technical skills to do it.

Starter. Of the three plans, only the Starter pack does not offer unlimited online stores and storage but this is all reasonable for the cheap price of $6.95.

Plus. The Plus pack is the most recommended as it provides a fair amount of things to start the online store and keep it functional with the addition of a site backup. With unlimited storage and online stores, this all costs $8.95 every month.

Pro.  The Pro pack helps the online store gain some attention and establish a bit of presence through the use of SEO tools. This will help the website become more easily accessible to other people and it helps direct traffic to it. For the price of$12.95, online stores can start attracting customers even as a fresh online store.

Virtual Private Servers

Website owners who have spent quite some time in developing their online business and explored different ways of being more efficient usually invest in Virtual Private Servers. Virtual Private Servers are cost-effective upgrades from shared servers and it allows them to become more flexible and efficient with their websites. Small businesses that are ready to grow take this as the next step in their online journey. BlueHost offers Virtual Private Servers to give their customers more control over the quality of their websites.

The Virtual Private Server Plans offer an array of choices that lets the buyer choose between 2 or 4 cores and storage space ranging from 30GB to 120 GB. The price of these plans ranges from $20 – $60 which are extremely cheap compared to other providers.

 Virtual Private Servers vs. Shared Servers

When websites are up and running, they consume data and bandwidth to deliver data from the physical servers to the different parts of the world. A shared server allows all users to consume these resources through the servers. A single server can host multiple users at a time and shared servers equally divide a server’s resources among all of its users.

The more users are consuming a server’s resources at the same time, the poorer the performance of all the websites that are sharing and could cause a virtual tug-of-war. With Virtual Private Servers, a server is still being shared but its resources are allocated properly depending on which plan the user has availed. Their data and bandwidth usage won’t be dependent on how many users are actively using the server and it eliminates the random drops in the performance of their website which allows them to have better control.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a service provided to online businesses that require peak web hosting quality. Big businesses with a great reach usually opt for this option to help them deliver the best service to all of their clients all over the world. Dedicated Hosting is the hyperbole of a Virtual Private Server. It is still basically a Virtual Private Server but it completely uses a single server to provide for all of its data and bandwidth needs. This gives online business owners to decide where and how to allocate their resources without thinking about unexpected behaviors due to a struggle for resources. With a minimum of $80, users are already able to enjoy the benefits of 5TB bandwidth and 4GB RAM all to themselves.

In summary, BlueHost is able to provide all kinds of web hosting solutions that are cheap and reliable. With the myriad of web developing tools, videos, and tutorials that they include in their packages, they also provide ease of usage for beginners. BlueHost completely adjusts to every need at every level of growth of online business owners and they make sure that every problem is accounted for. It is no wonder that over 2 million users have trusted their websites in the care of BlueHost.