Alibaba Group affiliate Daraz Bangladesh ( is hosting the Bangladesh vs Pakistan International Ludu Tournament for the first time on their app gaming platform Daraj First Games (DFG). Through this online tournament, Bangladeshi players will play with the aim of defeating Pakistani players.

Organized on the occasion of Daraj’s upcoming Ten Ten Campaign, the tournament has a prize pool of Rs 2 lakh for 30 winners – a voucher of Rs 1 lakh for the first winner, Rs 10,000 for the second winner, Rs 6,000 for the third winner and Rs 4,000 for the fourth winner. Voucher worth 5 thousand rupees. There is also a voucher of Rs 3,000 for the next winners.

Registration for the Ludu Lakhpati tournament will run from October 1 to 5. Where the two countries together, a total of 2 lakh people can register. So you have to register quickly before the slot is filled. The tournament will be held from October 8 to 9, with 8 or more knockout rounds to be won by playing ludu.

How to register:

Download the Daraj app and log in to your Daraj account. Select the Daraj First Game icon from the app and enter the Game Center. Click on the Ludu Tournament banner. Click the Register button below the banner. A message of successful registration will come shortly. An SMS notification will be sent shortly before the start of the tournament.

How to participate in the game:

The user will receive an SMS to join the game where the game time will be specified for each round. The user has to select the Daraj First Game (DFG) icon from the Daraj Home page ( and enter DFG. Then you have to click on the Ludu Tournament banner. Then click on the tournament banner at the bottom. Click on the play button. The game will start shortly. Only the 1st winner from each match will advance to the next round.

Speaking on the occasion, Barish Khandaker, Head of Traffic Operations, Daraj Bangladesh, said that Ludu is one of the most popular games in the country and its popularity has increased since the launch of DFG. Millions of users play the game every day. So for the first time we are organizing Bangladesh vs Pakistan Ludu Tournament to bring the players out of the conventional genre and provide a great experience. Hopefully, there will be tension between the participants of the two countries in this competition.