Today we will talk about Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic. Today’s tutorial is basically for bloggers. Today I will discuss some tips through which you can bring visitors every day. Therefore, I will discuss in detail about the three sites and how to attract visitors.

Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic

The fastest way is with paid marketing. However, you need to keep in mind the purpose of your blog. Do you have an email list? Do you sell affiliate products through your list?

It’s easy to focus on generating traffic and to forget about the purpose of that traffic.

Get Website Visitor By Paid Promotion

The fastest method is paid to advertise. But whether this is viable for your blog will depend on a couple of things:

  • How you monetize your blog
  • Whether you are successful with your monetization methods yet

Running paid ads can get very expensive very quickly. It’s wiser to start with some content generation, especially if you don’t have a lot of cash for advertising. Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Best Paid Promotion Websites For Getting Traffic

But since you said the fastest way, I’d recommend paid marketing. You can use several paid marketing strategies to get people to your website within a few hours:

  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Bing
  • YouTube

Ideally, start with a single platform and learn it well first. Otherwise, it’s easy to spread yourself thin trying everything at once. If you have some successful articles on your site, which generate more sales than the others, drive paid marketing to those articles with Google AdwordsEasy Ways To Increase Website Traffic


With Adwords, you can target the specific keywords which are appropriate for your content. This means the people landing on your website will be super targeted to your business and hopefully will take action on your website.


The purpose of a blog should be to get people to opt-in to your email list. From there you can help them make a buying decision on one of your products. But it depends on how your blog is set up and the business model you’re using. Paid advertising isn’t wise if you’ve only got some low-value items to sell.


If this is the case, you’ll need to focus on blogging or vlogging (video blogging).

Blogging is a good, cheap method of building traffic to your site. Write about your chosen topic and focus on content which will be a suitable ‘bridge’ between your ideal customer and the products you’re offering on your website/blog. Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Over time, and depending on the relative competition of your blog topic, you’ll see some traffic generation. This takes time. You need to write great content, optimize it for SEO (use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO), and link back to it from as many sources as you can. Share it far and wide.


Video blogging is a good strategy too, and there’s potentially more chance of you getting traffic from YouTube, depending on your niche.

This isn’t the fastest way through. Blogging and video blogging is slow. If you want speed you should use paid advertising. But using paid advertising requires a good product range. Otherwise, you’ll probably be out of pocket, depending on what products you have in your sales funnel. Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic


A good High Commission Affiliate Program is what you’ll need in your sales funnel to capitalize on paid marketing strategies. Paid strategies are expensive and so you’ll need to recoup this somehow with your products. You can use low priced items, but it will be much harder. If you have subscription products and high priced items in your sales funnel, you’ll recoup your advertising costs much more easily.

Free Way To Get Website Visitor Easily

There have a few several websites that you can use for getting website traffic for free. So let’s have a look at these websites that can bring you website traffic to your website. Free Way To Get Website Visitor Easily. You can easily get a free visit from the following website GoogleQuoraFacebook.


Get Free Visitor For Your Blog Using Google

Google: Google is currently the number one search engine in the world. All bloggers aim to bring visitors from Google. But after indexing every post in Google Webmaster Tools, many people get frustrated when there are not many visitors from Google. Today I will talk about some ways. First, you need to create a backlink of the site. There is no need to backlink with more sites in the first place. Backlink with Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Quota. Then you have to make the site fully SEO friendly. I have uploaded a full tutorial on SEO of blog or website. Check it out by clicking here. If you can do these things properly, there is a huge possibility of getting 200-400 visitors per day from Google.Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic


Get Free Visitor For Your Blog Using Quora

Quora: In order to bring daily visitors from Quora, you need to be active on the Quora site for some time every day. Quora is basically a Question & Answer site. You can also ask questions on this site and answer other people’s questions. Do a little trick to find out the related questions that are related to your site. Then you must give the link of your site below with the answer to that question, you can get many visitors every day. However, in order to get visitors, you must keep in mind how many questions you can answer every day. In addition to this, you can also work on this site This is also a Question & Answer site. Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic


Get Free Visitor For Your Blog Using Facebook

Facebook: Many people use Facebook to get organic visitors every day. Today I will share secret tips through which you can get more visitors. There are many big groups on Facebook. Sites that have much higher engagement rates. But when bloggers share posts on these sites, the admins approve. Today I will discuss the rules for post-approval on these sites. For this, join some related groups that are related to your blog site. For example: Suppose your site is science-related, so join some science-related Facebook group. Write the essence of a post in 500-600 words. Sort the Url Link of your site below. Now use a photo related to your post. Then post. Posting like this increases the chances of getting approved. Through this, it is possible to bring 500-600 visitors from Facebook every day. Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic.

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