EXCLUSIVE Tips To Get A Lot Of Work In Fiverr Marketplace. Fiverr (fiverr.com) has already become a very popular marketplace. Seeing a gig rate of  5 dollars in this marketplace, many people are motivated to work. In fact, this is not the case. Many are earning an average of 1,500 USD a month working in this marketplace.

What kind of gigs/services are sold more on Fiverr?

Creative gigs are usually sold more. Example of Creative Gig Are –

Animation video,

Video creating,

Vector tracing,

Bizarre services,


Content creation like blog posts,

artwork creation like sketches or logos,

Book cover,

3D product design,

Business card design,

Website speed optimization,

Web traffic,

Web development etc.


How do I put Fiverr Gig first in search results?

When a buyer needs service, he goes to Fiverr and searches. Then if you find your gig early in the search, the chances of selling increase. Here are some exclusive tips to get a lot of work in Fiverr and you get the most out of your search results.

EXCLUSIVE Tips To Get A Lot Of Work In Fiverr

EXCLUSIVE Tips To Get A Lot Of Work In Fiverr

EXCLUSIVE Tips To Get A Lot Of Work In Fiverr

Optimize The Fiverr Gig

1. Make the gig title interesting. So that anyone who sees the title is attracted to go inside and read. Be sure to use potential search keywords in the title.

2. Use potentially related keywords for tags.

3. Use something like this to suddenly attract the attention of someone new to the use of pictures. It attracts people only if it goes beyond the conventional and makes some exceptions. So try that.

4. If you use video in Gigi then the chances of selling increase by 70%. It has been said from the Fiber Authority. So try to make a video according to the rules of fiber to use it in Gigi. According to last year’s statistics, from the Fiverr blog, the sales of those who had Gigi videos have increased a lot. Not only that, the sales of those who have presented their work in the videos of all the sellers have increased by 96% and the sales of those who have published through video effects, animation, writing, still pictures, etc. have increased by 74%. The sales of those who had the video in the music and audio category increased by an incredible 417%. So the importance of gig video is clearly understood, hopefully. Kindly Follow Exclusive tips to get a lot of work in Fiverr.

Video Requirements For Fiverr Gig

  • The video must be 1 minute or less
  • You must have to add “Exclusively on Fiverr”. Write it down, say it orally, or through a picture.
  • If the video is rejected three times in a row, you can never add more videos to Gig. So be careful. Doing the above 1,2 usually rejects the video.
  • The video must be based on Gig.
  • You can add the same video to multiple gigs.
  • Gigi shows usually within 24 hours of adding the video.
  • You can change the video as many times as you like after the video is published. You can also change the thumbnail as desired.

Exclusive tips to get a lot of work in Fiverr. Once the gig is optimized, two things depend on it to stay on top of the search. These are the two issues – gig popularity, gig reviews.


How To Get Gig popularity On Fiverr

If you can bring a lot of people inside the gig, that is, you can teach the gig to a lot of people, then the popularity of that gig is achieved. Lots of people need to use some SEO tips to get the link to the gig. Exclusive tips to get a lot of work in Fiverr.

Campaign on social media

Share the gig on popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.).

Promoting Gig’s link through Gig Related blogposts

If the gig is related to logo design, then you can write a blog post with tips on interesting logo design. This post will be read by a lot of people, it will also attract a lot of people. Even if you come up with the link of Gig inside that post, you will be able to bring many visitors to Gig.

Increase the popularity of gigs using these two methods.

How To Increase Your Fiverr Gig Reviews

Doing the above works will hopefully get some gig sales orders very quickly. Collect good feedback from buyers by working according to the gig and delivering work on time. The better feedback you get, the higher your gig will continue to rise on search. Exclusive tips to get a lot of work in Fiverr.

If you follow the whole post, you will definitely be able to sell a lot of gigs on Fiber. If you read this post, I hope you will let me know on Facebook. You can’t be successful without good preparation, planned preparation, but it will be too late. So do the right thing, otherwise, if you fail there is no gain by blaming fate.

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