Facebook is currently a very popular social media. Popular social media Facebook has been making some changes to its policy for users since October this year. Under the policy, Facebook will remove content that could create legal complications or problems with legal management. If it is not removed, viewing will be limited. Currently, Facebook app users are getting notifications from this subject. Earlier, Facebook provided policies on content by ending various complications with the publication of Facebook content. Which will be effective from next 1-October.

The Facebook team said that section 3.2 of Facebook’s Terms and Services will be updated. It said that if the content published on Facebook is against the policy of Facebook, then these content will be removed from Facebook or the viewing limit will be limited. If the Facebook authorities think that such content removal can avoid any legal or administrative hassle, then it will be necessary. The policy also states that Facebook will take strict action to publish any racist content, political revenge content, indecent, provocative, anti-social content.

Facebook is bringing new policies

In a statement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that in order to keep Facebook users safe, prevent harmful political content or cyber attacks and prevent obscene content, they always have to make very important decisions. So they provide new policies.

A few days ago, it was announced that the new version will be brought to the desktop or laptop by changing the classical version of Facebook. It runs from 1 – September. Users can access the latest version of Facebook with a pop-up notification. The text in this new version looks bigger and clearer than before. There are two types of moods. Users get the opportunity to use light mood and dark mood. Using a dark mood will reduce the pressure on the eyes. The new version shows that it loads less time than before and some new fitters have been added to the new version.