Have you been considering starting an online affiliate marketing business? Did you already try only to become frustrated and quit? It could be in your best interest not to give up easily, especially with so much advanced training available to help you succeed. Here we will be taking a look at John Crestani’s highly acclaimed Super Affiliate System training course and going over if it’s the perfect program for you.

1. Introduction


Has it been your dream to be your own boss and to work from
home? Would you like to be able to travel or spend more time with family and friends? Is there something else you desire that you know you deserve but can’t envision how you’ll ever be able to afford it? Have you had a day so bad at work recently that you wish there was a way you could quit your wretched job?

For most people, the answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes! Do you want to learn life-changing skills that will create financial freedom? Of course, you do. Is there such a thing as passive income where people make money on auto-pilot? I’m glad you asked. There is!

You’re probably thinking, such fantasies are out of reach and too good to be true. I am here to tell you however, there is legitimate training in the field of affiliate marketing available to you that will allow you to earn as much as you want, whenever you want. The program is by John Crestani and it’s called Super Affiliate System.

2. What is SAS about?


Super Affiliate System is an extensive training course on becoming successful as an affiliate marketer online and how to be an expert in paid advertising. For users of Super Affiliate System 2.0, the training took 8 weeks to complete. SAS 3.0 has been streamlined to a length of 6 weeks and is revised and improved. All students inside the program now get to use SAS 3.0.

The digital training consists of over 50 hours of videos
that teach students important skills and strategies to use when promotingproducts as an affiliate using the power of the internet. Upon completing the course, the program mainly focuses on promoting Clickbank (platform for entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers) products.

The program also allows the promotions of jVzoo and Warrior+ products.

3. About the creator


John Crestani is what’s known in the industry as a “Super Affiliate”. As affiliate marketing and work from home careers have gained popularity in the last few years, Crestani has established himself as an expert and influencer in the niche. More recently, he has grown a massive Youtube following and become an internet sensation.

The expert affiliate grew up in the rural Los Angeles area.

He started his journey working a 9 to 5 office job at a marketing agency
earning small commissions selling other company’s products. When a colleague introduced him to affiliate marketing on the internet, he realized he didn’t need the marketing agency anymore.

As many top affiliates in the field that grace the spotlight and amassed fame and fortune, Crestani started with virtually nothing. At the time of this publication, he is making at least $442,000 (likely more) per month.

4. How it works


With the Super Affiliate System, students complete a step-by-step blueprint to affiliate marketing commissions by finishing multiple
tasks every week. Each week has several different mini-courses, each of which you have to pass before moving on to the next piece of training. It’s not possible to skip over any training video or pick and choose which courses you want to take and in what order.

This is by design, as Crestani wants you to learn to crawl before you can walk. Week 1 covers all of the basics such as how to select a niche that’s right for you, starting a website, and the process of joining affiliate   programs. Week 2 consists of learning how to build sales funnels and setting up your Facebook ads account.

By the time you finish the training in week 3, you will have
set up a Facebook ads account, Google ads account, and a Youtube ads account. Week 3 also includes advanced advertising training when using your Google ads account.

Week 4 mainly covers special training on maximizing your earnings through Youtube ads. Week 5 is possibly the most valuable, as you’ll become a Facebook ads expert.

For the final segment of the course, week 6 consists of learning about Copyrights, advanced affiliate marketing training, and how to scale your new business.

5. Benefits of the program


  • Weekly webinars from John Crestani personally

  • Video training can be translated into 7 languages

  • Thousands of email addresses relative to your niche provided to you to help create custom audiences when placing ads

  • Tons of resources to grow your business including landing pages, all ads, affiliate networks, and legal resources provided

  • Free bonus materials

  • Support desk which is updated regularly to reference if you ever get stuck

  • Facebook group

6. Weaknesses


Not a short cut or get rich quick scheme. It’s a serious business that takes a lot of hard work

7. What it takes to get started

The cost to purchase the Super Affiliate System is $997.00. It
can be paid in a one-time fee or broken down into 3 monthly installments of $333.32. The digital product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee from Clickbanks if at any time during that period you determine it’s not for you.

John Crestani himself provides an additional “Succeed No Matter What”
90-day money-back guarantee if you do not make the $997 you invested back.

8. Conclusion This is arguably the best affiliate marketing digital training course available today. The value you receive for your money far outweighs the cost of purchase.

John Crestani wants to help as many people who want to earn financial freedom by creating a passive income as possible.

If you are sincere about making money online and want to work from home, there aren’t many better options than what he shows you.